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Coronavirus - New Legal Documents & Useful Materials

In case you haven't seen the newest from C.A.R. They have just released more forms regarding the Covid-19 crisis.

These forms are related to Listings regarding property showings and pre-sale activites (Form RLA-CAA), a Property Entry Advisory (Form PEAD), a Notice of Unforeseen Circumstances (Form NUCC) dealing with issues of loan, loss of income, difficulties, scheduling inspections, etc.

Also find guides below to navigate completing Agent Visual Inspections, and real estate in general, as well as a live webinar for April 2nd regarding the use of these forms.

The recent events surrounding the spread of the Covid-19 strain of the coronavirus has led to many questions about the continued enforceability of real estate contracts under the circumstances. Rather than risk an uncertain outcome in court or arbitration over such disputes, Buyers and Sellers may elect to address the unanswered issues contractually. The following materials will assist with potential issues in contracts and other issues related to best practices under the current conditions related to coronavirus.

** Special Legal Live webinar:

Coronavirus Addendum or Amendment and Notice of Unforeseen Coronavirus Circumstances (C.A.R. Forms CVA & NUCC) - Thursday April 2, 2020 REGISTER HERE **

Coronavirus Forms

click here for PDF of CVA

click here for PDF of NUCC

click here for PDF of RLA-CC

click here for PDF of PEAD

Guides and Other Materials

click here for C.A.R.'s Coronavirus Best Practices Guidelines

click here for PDF of the Quick Guide - Guidance on Visual Inspection Disclosures

click here for PDF of the Quick Guide - Real Estate in a Safer at Home Environment

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