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San Diego Local Area Disclosures

The San Diego Local Area Disclosures have been updated and the changes are as noted below. If you haven't read the booklet or know what it entails, you can view the newest version here.

Here are the main differences between the 2023 and 2024 updates of the Local Area Disclosures (LAD) for San Diego County:

General and Environmental Disclosures

Includes new sections on additional environmental hazards such as lead hazard inspection, coastal cliffs and electrical blackouts to prevent fires.

Also features expanded information on landfills and the handling of hazardous materials.

Property Specific Disclosures

  • Expands on the details regarding real estate related to ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) advising buyers on the complexities of building these units, including utility connections and design limitations.

  • The section on high-speed internet and cell phone coverage is more elaborated in the 2024 Update addressing potential issues more comprehensively than in 2023 version.

Process and Legal Considerations

  • Presents a more structured approach to mediation and arbitration, and it emphasizes more on buyer’s due diligence. The advice on consulting professional advisors before removing contingencies in the purchase agreement is more pronounced in the updated verion.

  • There is an added emphasis on checking local jurisdiction for potential sea level rise and its impact on properties, which is not explicitly mentioned in the 2023 Update .

These changes reflect an effort to provide more comprehensive and specific guidance to buyers and sellers, addressing evolving environmental concerns and real estate practices.


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