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Form Revisions for Summer of 2024

CAR New and Revised Forms June 2024

It is that time of year again for new and revised forms to come to fruition,

and with that here is a Quick Summary of the changes. The redlined

forms can be found linked below.

With the recent NAR legal settlement, there are a slew of changes and new forms regarding compensation.

RLA - Residential Listing Agreement

ABCD - Anticipated Broker Compensation Agreement

BRBC - Buyer Representation & Broker Compensation Agreement

BCA - Broker Compensation Agreement (New Form)

BLA - Business Listing Agreement

CBC - Cooperating Broker Compensation Agreement

CLA - Commerical & Residential Income Listing Agreement

DM-LA - Disclosures & Modification to Listing Agreement (New Form)

DM-BR - Disclosures & Modification to Buyer Representation Agreement (New Form)

MT-LA - Modification of Terms Listing Agreement (New Form)

MT-BR - Modification of Termite to Buyer Representation Agreement (New Form)

OHNA - Open House Visitor Non-Agency Disclosure (New Form)

LPRBC - Limited Property Representation & Broker Compensation Agreement (New Form)

RLASR - Residential Listing Agreement Seller Reserved

RLAN - Residential Listing Agreement Open

SPBB - Seller Payment to Buyer's Broker

VLL - Vacant Land Listing Agreement

Other Revised Forms:

Listing Agreement has gone the way of the grid/box layout similar to the purchase agreement.

  • Compensation is now split up & broken down into sections of amount paid to seller side (C1) and another section if seller will be paying buyer side (C2), if any, as well as a separate section for amount due if a dual transaction (C4).

  • Any Listing Agreement still in effect in June upon release of forms, will need to include the DM-LA form for modification of the agreement. 

Buyer Broker Representation Agreement (BRBC):

  • Now has a beginning and ending date. This form has also gone the way of the grid/box format. The form feels almost like a listing agreement as it requires you to sit and have a conversation on what your buyer is specifically looking for.

  • Should you find out the seller will be paying all or a portion of your commission, you can now go back and modify the commission amount buyer is to pay on another form.  A good explanation of the form can be found via video link below

Purchase Agreement:

 (RPA) L4 insurability is now a contingency as well as Solar review L8.


Seller Questionnaire (SPQ) If a seller has owned a home for 18 months or less, the seller is now required to provide contractor and cost info on any repairs done to the property of $500 or more.

Agent Visual Inspection (AVID) The section for the inspection date/time, weather conditions and people present has been moved from Page 1 to page 3 at the Broker Section.

Many of the revised forms we use on a daily basis have changed minimally adding compensation, fair appraisals, insurance/insurability, solar and a new form/ new law regarding balconies and exterior stairways

If you would like to see a YOUTube video discussing some of these items you can view one

In need of a TC or a change? I am happy to assist and 1st file for new clients is $300 to give me a try.

Have A TC you're happy with? Feel free to share this information so they are informed.


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