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What is a Transaction Coordinator?

     Our main job is to manage and monitor the entire process of a real estate transaction and timelines, while keeping you in compliance with all local & state board regulations.

I already have an assistant, can I still use a TC?

      You bet! Many agents find that utilizing a TC in conjunction with an in-house assistant can be extremely successful in terms of relieving the overload that may come to the assistant as well as yourself. We are assistant friendly!

Why should I hire someone that isn't in my office?

       An Independent TC offers the flexibility of being available after hours or “on call”, which can be a great advantage as a Real Estate Professional!

What market do you serve?

        I am based in San Diego, however I do have clients and offer services through-out all of California.

How Fast is your turnaround time?

       It really depends on the task. At More Services we monitor new emails all day long. Anything that is urgent will be taken care of immediately.

How much does it cost?

       You can find all of our pricing on the Service Fee tab.

What makes you different from other Transaction Coordinators?

       Thru the years, I have found that a high percentage of TC's, don't complete forms completely or correctly, don't deliver all required forms, or throw in forms that are irrelevant and no longer apply. We strive to deliver completed disclosure packages.

               I also will never represent so many agents, (as most TC companies do) that we can't offer you quick, efficient and personal service.

What happens if my deal cancels? Is there a cancellation fee?

        If you don't get paid, neither do we... Simple as that. It's just part of the biz. However, if you and I are in a property that has been mostly completed, and you cancel your file with us, there will be a $200 fee.

Are my files safe?

        Yes, your files will be saved under a Google Drive folder shared only with you, unless otherwise requested.

What information can I access via my online file?

        You have 24/7 access to executed contracts, disclosures, reports and escrow documents. As well as those out for signatures. All documents are uploaded and updated as they are received.

If I or my broker loses the file, can we request another copy?

        You bet. We never delete any files. Once a file is complete we store it on Google Drive for 2 years and in our forever file. A PDF zip file copy can be requested at any time. We can also provide you a printed copy for $35 or, if you would like the file via a USB drive for only $10.00. Contact us directly.

Can you help with a transaction that has already been started?

         Yup.... Just send us what you have up to date, and we will take it from there.

Will you have contact with our clients?

        This is completely up to you. It is more efficient that you communicate with your client. We do contact clients regarding the review and signing of documents and disclosures via email and all important emails, you will be CC'd.

My Broker has specific forms they require. Will you get these signed?

       Yes.. However on our first transaction together, you will need to send us all broker specific forms and inform us of any required forms that aren't standard. They will then be included on all following files.

Will you create the forms I need?

       Yes.. We do ask that you provide your username and password to your zipforms account. This will remain confidential. Any forms that are a part of a negotiation, such as a repair request, we will need the exact verbiage you would like included.

Does More Services Inc. require a contract?

       Yes. Our E&O insurance requested us to do so. It is just a one time contract however. No need to sign one for each of your files. You can find it on our starting the process page.

What about Board Regulations?

        I adhere to all rules as set forth by the California Board of Real Estate. Any County regulations outside of San Diego/Orange or LA Counties , we would need you to inform us and make us aware.

Still have  questions? Please feel free to Contact Us.......

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