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Changes coming soon to an RPA near you

(Update: Due to the impact of Covid-19, the release of the RPA will be delayed until December of 2021)

Okay while it's not SOON, December will sneak up on us faster than we would like.

While there's not much to write here, there is much here to see, and I'm seeing a lot of RED.

We haven't had a major change in the (RPA) Residential Purchase Agreement in years, so it was inevitable that it would happen soon.

The draft of a new Purchase Agreement (RPA) is out & set to release in December of this year.

While there are not any real changes as far as the basics and verbiage, the structure has changed quite a bit. Going from 10 to 16 pages, the new agreement has broken down the first few pages of the current purchase agreement into a dizzying amount of smaller sections and columns, each pertaining to a smaller and different portion of the current RPA, and also delving into more details of the same.

C.A.R. is taking comments on the changes until April and if you would like to submit you can do so at

See anything that concerns you or changes you would like to see? Leave a comment.

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