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June 2017 Form revisions and additions

The revisions and additions for summer release have hit the web.

Click here for a quick summary. Below you will find a preview of each of the forms listed.

All New additions relate to residential leases and tenants.

All Listing Agreements have been revised to remove the optional arbitration clause removed.

New Forms

  • BBD – Bed Bug Disclosure

  • CLR – Cancellation of Lease or Rent

  • PPN – Pre-Possession Notice to Tenant to Pay

  • WSM – Water Submeter Addendum

Revised Forms

  • AS - Seller's Affidavit of Non-Foreign Status

  • CLA – Commercial and Residential Income Listing Agreement

  • LL – Lease Listing Agreement

  • LR – Residential Lease or Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

  • PMA – Property Management Agreement

  • PPA – Probate Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions

  • REO – REO Advisory

  • RLA – Residential Listing Agreement

  • RLAA – Residential Listing Agreement – Agency

  • RLAN – Residential Listing Agreement – “Open”

  • SBSA – Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory

  • SP – Single Party Compensation Agreement

  • TA – Trust Advisory

  • TAL – Trust Advisory (Listing)

  • VLL – Vacant Land Listing Agreement

  • VRL – Exclusive Authorization for Vacation Rental

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