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June 2017 Form revisions and additions

The revisions and additions for summer release have hit the web.

Click here for a quick summary. Below you will find a preview of each of the forms listed.

All New additions relate to residential leases and tenants.

All Listing Agreements have been revised to remove the optional arbitration clause removed.

  • BBD – Bed Bug Disclosure

  • CLR – Cancellation of Lease or Rent

  • PPN – Pre-Possession Notice to Tenant to Pay

  • WSM – Water Submeter Addendum

  • AS - Seller's Affidavit of Non-Foreign Status

  • CLA – Commercial and Residential Income Listing Agreement

  • LL – Lease Listing Agreement

  • LR – Residential Lease or Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

  • PMA – Property Management Agreement

  • PPA – Probate Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions

  • REO – REO Advisory

  • RLA – Residential Listing Agreement

  • RLAA – Residential Listing Agreement – Agency

  • RLAN – Residential Listing Agreement – “Open”

  • SBSA – Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory

  • SP – Single Party Compensation Agreement

  • TA – Trust Advisory

  • TAL – Trust Advisory (Listing)

  • VLL – Vacant Land Listing Agreement

  • VRL – Exclusive Authorization for Vacation Rental

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