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December 2016 Form Revisions & Additions

It's that time of year... Form revisions and additions will be taking place and hitting your Winforms on December 12th. Follow this link for a summary as well as the forms for your review. Note that the changes in the revised forms are noted in Red. NEW FORMS... most of these will never apply to a regular residential transaction, however, the WCMD regarding Water Conserving fixtures and Carbon Monoxide is a new law taking effect in January and will become a standard disclosure for all residential purchases. REVISED FORMS... The standard forms here are the ESD (Exempt Seller Disclosure) and the SPQ (Seller Property Questionnaire). Both of which show changes regarding the Water Conserving Fixture form as mentioned above. A note on the water conserving fixtures. The federal standard and California has been selling low flow fixtures since 1994. All homes built after this date or having been replaced since then should have low flow toilets/fixtures, but should always be checked for compliance. I have attached a water flow rate chart of which I created and provide to all sellers in their disclosure packages. May help you explain to your buyer's and seller's in the future.

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