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San Diego Independent Real Estate Transaction Coordinator TC Services of San Diego & California


C.A.R. Certified Transaction Coordinator

Located in San Diego, California, we work with real estate agents all over the state of California. Let MORE Services do the paper pushing for you. We know you have open houses to host and clients to tend to, so save yourself some time by letting us handle your pending transactions.

Whether you are full time, part time, some time real estate agent or an investor, your time is valuable. In the ever-changing California real estate market, leveraging your time effectively is not just something you should do, but what you must do if you want to succeed.

As a realtor, you’re great with sales, negotiations and marketing. But perhaps you are too busy, you aren’t a paperwork person, or at a minimum, you just don’t enjoy doing it.

Need that Purchase Agreement signed, Counter or Addendum created and sent for signature? Contingency Removal Sent? Even on the weekend?

Enter MORE Services: We are ready to handle your transaction coordinator needs even on the weekend; saving you time stress, and money couldn’t be easier. Let us help you so you can focus on your clients; while you go out and sell!

No matter how many deals you close a month; if you are spending time focusing on activities that don’t have the potential to produce a sale, then you are losing time and money needlessly.

For example, you can spend 20+ hours on pending transactions scheduling appointments, chasing down signatures, copying, faxing, emailing’ etc.. Or you can outsource your file management for that transaction & use that 20+ hours to prospect for more business and give your clients additional time. This is going to give you a better opportunity to make a sale!

Our mission at M.O.R.E. Services is clear:

  • To deliver the highest level of customer service while assisting our clients.

  • To maintain and deliver a complete transaction file.

  • To work with you on all of your transaction coordination needs to provide the solutions you need at a reasonable price.

  • And most importantly, to improve your efficiency and productivity, which ultimately increases your bottom line.


Contact us for inquiries or open a new file with MORE Services today!

After viewing our site, please contact us with any questions, or suggestions on how our company can serve the realtors of California better. If for any reason you decide to choose someone else, we would like to know why you felt they offered you a better service.

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