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"In need of a technology savvy Transaction Coordinator?

 3 years ago, I did a lot of research before hiring Jef.

I have never regretted that decision.

He is knowledgeable, organized, thorough, professional, timely

and reasonably priced. He is very prompt in replying back to questions or requests.

What I enjoy is that I feel an unusual friendship, 

perhaps because of his sense of humor and loyalty.

I always feel like he is protecting me & my reputation.

Perhaps as important as my opinion, my clients and 

escrow officer have all had excellent comments about Jef

and the entire process of his executed transactions.

Do not hesitate to hire Jef.

Linda - Realtor

"Thank you so much Jef. 

   I was at brunch with agent the other day and complimented that out of all the parties I interacted with, including agent, that you were particularly easy, professional, smooth, and on top of everything.

   I can see now why they say a good transaction coordinator is worth their weight in gold."

                              Seller - Carlos

"I recently sold my home and Jef was an absolute pleasure to work with."

Seller - Robert

Thank you for the follow up, as well as the excellent work

and service throughout the process (original "sale" and the          eventual (real) one).

It really takes the stress off knowing you (and agent)

              are guiding us through all of this.

                              Seller - Craig

"Your disclosure package was the BEST and 

    most complete that I have ever received.

Even the correct names and broker numbers

I was very impressed."

 A Fellow TC

 "Jef is a conscientious and diligent Transaction Coordinator.

    Got transactions? Jef helped me make my way through 

    the deep forest of short sales in the crazy short sale market.

 Jef always goes above and beyond in order to assist me

     in closing as many deals as possible.

 Let's face it, as Realtors our job is better if we just focus

     on go get'em back.

Jef frees up my time during the process so I can do just that.

      I would recommend Jef to all Realtors."

                                 Gloria Holland - Realtor

"Jef's services as a transaction coordinator

    are priceless.

His organization and timeliness gave me great relief

    and a quick close to my escrow.

I strongly recommend him and will continue

to use his services in the future.

                                   Lindsey - Realtor

"Jef is a pleasure to work with!

Very attentive, quick to respond to inquiries, very knowledgeable and a great communicator.

I look forward to many closed business transactions with Jef.

                                 Durrell - Realtor

"This was the first time that I have used Jef

    and it won't be my last:

Jef was a wealth of knowledge and made

    the transaction a smooth one for everyone."

                      Tracey - Realtor

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